Candy Corn – Still going STRONG!

candy corn

Candy Corn is over 125 year old, and it is still going strong today!  Candy Corn was first produced in Philadelphia in the late 1800’s, right after the Industrial Revolution.  Candy Corn was the sweet idea of George Renniger.  During this period in history, entrepreneurs in the USA were searching for the very best product that would make them a business success.  Mr. Renniger, you shucked the right ear of corn for your success, candy corn success that is.

Candy corn is traditionally, orange on the bottom, yellow in the middle, and white on top to resemble a piece of Indian corn.  In today’s candy market, candy corn is produced in a variety of ways for different holidays.  The traditional candy corn is most popular during the Halloween season.  Then around Thanksgiving, the orange bottom is traded for a chocolate bottom giving candy corn a more autumn appeal.  Reindeer corn is a popular choice at Christmas in red, green, and white.  Valentine’s corn can be found in a blend of pink, red, and white.  Lastly, bunny corn is a fun spring treat in pastel colors.

Shari Brands produces the classic candy corn in a sweet creamy vanilla flavor.  Candy corn is a great option to decorate a holiday buffet table.  Candy corn is also a superb choice when decorating cookie, cupcakes, or cakes for various holidays.  Candy corn is delicious alone, or in a homemade trail mix.  The sweetness of the candy corn countered with the saltiness of peanuts is a great snack for tailgating at your favorite football game!

Candy corn has stood the test of time, and promises to give us many more years of candy corn pleasure!

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