Everyone Loves Cookie Dough!

Cookie Dough


Creamy butter, sugar, vanilla, chocolate chip, then mix in some love, and you have delicious cookie dough.  Yes, and with the concern of salmonella in raw eggs, cookie dough can be off limits!  With this concern, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends for people not to consume raw cookie dough because of the presense of raw eggs, especially pregnant women.  That’s enough to scare away the cookie dough lovers, but that just leaves us hanging, now doesn’t it?


So, what happens when that craving for cookie dough just can’t be satisfied by other sweet treats?

Fortunately, cookie dough in a raw edible form was developed.  This cookie dough is made without raw eggs or eggs that have been pasteurized making it safe for us to consume.  This kind of cookie dough is frequently found in ice cream, ice cream toppings, and candy.  Yes, I said candy.  Now, there are so many options for cookie dough that you can pop the little snack right into your mouth without stepping foot in the kitchen.  Cookie Dough Bites candy is readily available though a variety of retailers.  Cookie Dough Bites are most often found in the movie theater candy section snuggled in between Muddy Bears and Sqwigglies.  When all else fails, head to the internet to get your cookie dough fix.


The cookie dough candy has continued to improve and grow.

Chocolate covered cookie dough bites, dark chocolate cookie dough bites, cookies and cream cookie dough bites, and chocolate peanut butter cookie dough bites are among the most popular varieties.  A plethora of cookie dough candy is available through online retailers such as, CandyAsap.  The next time that a hankering for a big hunk of cookie dough hits you, remember to go for the candy, cookie dough bites, instead of what’s in the bowl.

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