Justice League

Justice League

“Holy Carnival Tents, Batman!!  We can have cotton candy whenever we want!”  In years past, cotton candy, also known as fairy floss, was customarily available at circuses, carnivals, and other special events.  Cotton candy’s only ingredient is sugar, which is heated in the reservoir of a cotton candy machine.  As the sugar heats up, the molecular structure changes from granular to strand and is swirled onto a cone, thus the name cotton candy.  That is some pretty scientific stuff for sugar in the late 1800’s when cotton candy was first produced.  “Holy molars, Batman!  Can you believe a dentist invented cotton candy?  We should call the Justice League to spread the word that good things do come from dentists!  Cotton candy!”


Justice League and Batman have now discovered the secrets of cotton candy.  The Justice League is using a mylar bag to store and transport the cotton candy, making it resistant to changes in the atmospheric pressure.  That sounds like some kind of super protective forcefield in spectacular Justice League fashion!  In simpler terms, cotton candy doesn’t do so well in hot or humid weather.  Taste of Nature has joined forces with the Justice League making them a dynamic duo that only the Wonder Twins could imagine!


Justice League and Batman cotton candy is 100% Made in the USA, and it is a Kosher product.  Oh, did I mention that Justice League cotton candy is fat free, too?  Pink Vanilla and Blue Raspberry cotton candy is featured in the Justice League mylar pouches.  This Justice League sweet treat is very affordable at under $1 per bag.  With school back in session, Justice League cotton candy could be a great birthday party or classroom treat.  Anyway, what kid wouldn’t love Justice League cotton candy?  Just in case there is a super villain among the kids, CandyAsap has a variety of flavors and options for cotton candy.  Mike and Ike Flavor Blast, Sour Swirlz, Tropical pineapple/coconut, and Hot Tamales cotton candy is also available through CandyAsap.  Justice League is the stand true classic when it comes to cotton candy.  The sugary strands might even make you want to leap from tall buildings as people are saying, “Is that a bird, a plane, no….its….its…..Justice League Cotton Candy!”

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