The Mystery of Chocolate


The mystery of chocolate has been present among many human cultures since prehistoric times.  Chocolate was the preferred drink by Mayan kings, and chocolate was only used for ceremonial or celebratory purposes.  Chocolate is special, and has been for a long time.  Why do we crave the deep, dark taste and velvety texture of chocolate?  Some would say it’s an addictive substance due to the endorphins that chocolate causes our bodies to release.  Some would say it’s the rush our bodies respond to from the caffeine content.  Regardless, the scientific reason, chocolate is one of our favorite guilty pleasures.

Chocolate goes through many processes to get to the luscious little blocks of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate varieties.  The bean is harvested from the cacao tree to begin the chocolate creation process.  The Europeans made chocolate a sweet treat after the Latins preferred to add spice.  Chocolate is so versatile, and it is so good in so many ways.

Chocolate candy reigns supreme in today’s day and time.  Some candy companies may use chocolate flavoring or blend chocolate with paraffin.  All of CandyAsap’s chocolate products are 100% chocolate.  Therefore, you can rest assured about that endorphin rush.

Speaking of endorphin rush… you think that could be the reason behind the woman’s need for chocolate?  Women and chocolate has been a long love affair.  Some claim chocolate is like a sedative, and some women claim that chocolate releases pleasure hormones.  The reason may be unknown for the cravings, but women just LOVE chocolate.

Chocolate covered cookie dough bites, Dark chocolate cookie dough bites, cinnamon roll bites covered in white chocolate, Muddy Bears (gummi bears coated in chocolate) are just a few of the chocolate candies available through CandyAsap.  The Muddy Bears are a little different, but when you try them you will understand why they rapidly becoming a new favorite.

The mystery of chocolate has withstood history, and will remain for many centuries to come.

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