Cookies N Cream Cookie Dough Bites

Cookies N Cream Cookie Dough Bites

Our newest flavor has arrived!   Try the new Cookies 'N Cream with amazing Creamy White Chocolatey Balls with Crumb...
Hello Kitty Gummi Treats

Hello Kitty Gummi Treats

Hello Kitty was first created in Japan in 1974 by Yuko Shimizu and placed on a coin purse. She was brought to the US in ...
Cupcake Bites

Cupcake Bites

Cupcake Bites feature a tasty cupcake center covered in a yummy coating of frosting and topped off with multi-color spri...
Muddy Bears

Muddy Bears

Talk about taking 2 great tastes and combining them! Picture gummi bears imported from Germany floating in a vat of crea...
Justice League Cotton Candy

Justice League Cotton Candy

Introducing our Super Hero Cotton Candies based on the DC Comics’ Justice League. These fluffy candy treats are ava...

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