Gummi Bears - 12 units per case

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Who doesn’t love chewy, popular Gummi bears? These classic candies originated in Germany in the 1920s and headed to America a couple of years later. They were originally made in the fashion of a dancing bear and have since evolved into the delicious treat we know and enjoy today. Several delicious flavors are part of the package such as; green apple, orange, lemon and cherry. You can enjoy the classic favors of Gummi Bears while on the go and just about anywhere thanks to the easy to carry along package. They deliver flavor you’ll love in tiny, chewy Gummi Bear shapes that are perfect for plopping in your mouth. Don’t forget they are fat-free too! 12 bags of delicious Gummi bears in each case - each bag is 5.5 oz.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review