Ultimate Trail Mix

Posted by Taste of Nature, Inc. on 24th Nov 2020

Ultimate Trail Mix


1⁄2 cup Chocolate Turtle Chex Mix

1⁄2 cup Caramel Chex Cereal

1⁄2 cup Mini Pretzels

1⁄2 cup Muddy Bears

1/2 cup Cookie Dough Bites

1⁄2 cup Toffee Pieces

1⁄2 cup Mini Marshmallows

1⁄2 cup Caramel Corn

1⁄2 cup Caramel Bites

1⁄2 cup Chocolate Chips

1⁄2 cup White Chocolate Chips

1⁄2 cup Raisins


Put it all in one bowl and enjoy!