Gummi Worms - 12 units per case

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Classic candies that virtually everyone knows by name, Gummi Worms are a delicious way to enjoy a sugary snack. They are fat free and come in a range of colors and flavors such as; lemon, lime, cherry and more. They are multi-colored, slick long worms perfect for dangling to your mouth and nipping the end off of. Though there are days the sour gummi worms are preferred just so a person can lick the sugar off and get to the bite of spice, most return to enjoying the classic Gummi worm they’ve grown to love. The refreshing taste and slick flavor is a classic combo that has made Gummi worms some of the most famous candy in the world. 12 bags of tasty Gummi Worms in each case - each bag is 5 oz.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review